The Son of a Certain Woman

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Both Short and Kennon were emancipated, but she remained a woman of color in Surry County.

The Son of a Certain Woman, by Wayne Johnston

Their differing life trajectories, the subjects of this essay, illustrate the importance of appearance and status for racial identification in the eyes of the dominant white population, and yet they point to the malleability of race and racial identity even as attitudes about race were hardening in the new nation.

Historians of American slavery have gauged the extent of sex across racial lines in different slave societies, speculated and argued about the nature of these intimate relationships between masters and slaves, and pondered its role in the dynamics of race in American society. Others have examined how these relationships captured the intertwining of race, gender, and class; how the emergence of a "mixed-race" population complicated efforts to create societies neatly divided into black and white, slave and free; and how local communities functioned in their face to face lives in matters of race.

Some historians have tarried at Monticello because of Thomas Jefferson's place in American history and his pronouncements about equality. Consequently, Jefferson and Sally Hemings have dominated the discussion of these sexual relationships in recent years, and, given the nature of the sources and the stature of Jefferson, they likely will for many more. But while John Hartwell Cocke complained that white males exalted Jefferson's "notorious example" to justify their liaisons, scholars have recently explored "sex across the color line" in order to understand the degree to which Jefferson's behavior was common, how such transgressions figured in his culture, and how they complicate our understanding of Virginia's race infused social order.

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In Virginia, other than Sally Hemings and her descendants, the enslaved women and especially the children born to these relationships have attracted less attention than the men involved, partly because of the nature of the sources. Some remained enslaved while others were freed. Many of the latter were never identified as the mistress or children of the master when emancipated. This protected a man's reputation but obviously reduced the historical evidence of the extent of these relationships between male masters and female slaves.

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Moreover, if the father failed to acknowledge his offspring, legally they were, in Annette Gordon-Reed's telling reminder, filius nullius, or "the child of no one. An unknown error has occurred.

Please click the button below to reload the page. The raising of the son of the widow of Zarephath , by the Old Testament prophet Elijah 1 Kings 17 , is seen by Fred Craddock as the model for this miracle, as there are several parallels in the details. The raising of the son of the woman of Shunem 2 Kings 4 by Elisha is also similar, including the reaction of the people. In particular, the location of Nain is very close to Shunem , identified with modern Sulam.

Sinclair Ferguson calls attention to this as an example of a repeated pattern in the history of redemption. Here is the great God and Saviour of Israel in the flesh" The woman in the story had lost both her husband and her only son, so that there was no one left to support her. As she could not have inherited the land, the loss of her only son would have left her dependent on the charity of more distant relatives and neighbours. Both this account and the preceding one of the healing of the Centurion's servant Luke serve as a precursor to Jesus' assurance to the imprisoned John the Baptist that He is truly, 'the one who is to come' , since, 'the dead are raised.

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The Son of a Certain Woman

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