The Sacred Veil (Thirst, Book 5)

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The man at the door from the end of the last book tries to make Sita open the door, but she is reluctant to do so. The man says he understands and will come back. After fleeing with Seymour from Arturo's home to a hotel, Sita is nearly raped by two drunks on the beach when she goes out for a late walk. She kills both men using her pistol and wanders into a nearby diner. It is there she finds herself face to face with none other than Ray, who claims that he didn't die in the explosion, but that Eddie had indeed revived him.

He also reveals that he used Arturo's alchemical tools to make himself human again as well. After leaving Seymour behind, she and Ray move to a suburb and she starts to go about a normal, human life, befriending a very pregnant woman named Paula who claims she has no idea how she was impregnated.

The Sacred Veil

Sita also discovers her own pregnancy as well and is stunned, but happy. It takes little time to find out that her child, Kalika, is indeed an incarnation of Kali Ma , the Supreme Goddess of Destruction and is far more powerful than even Yaksha. The child ages incredibly fast and begins craving blood, forcing Sita to abduct a young man named Eric Hawkins and keep him prisoner at her home to give Kalika the blood she craves. Eventually, Kalika becomes very interested in Paula's child. She eventually goes to great extremes to find the child, including brutally murdering Eric and taking Seymour as a hostage to ensure Sita delivers the baby to her.

Sita advises her to flee and when she is far enough away to call a certain phone number in order to speak to Sita. To save Paula's child who Sita believes is none other than the messiah, the new incarnation of both Krishna and Jesus , Sita acquires a portion of Yaksha's frozen and preserved blood from the ice cream truck in which Eddie kept him prisoner.

The truck was being watched over by a strange homeless man with an odd grace; he believed she was going to come back for it one day. Sita returns to the Las Vegas residence of her former lover Arturo, the alchemist , and finds a startling resemblance between him and Kalika from a picture of his that she picks up. Sita discovers right then and there that Arturo fathered Kalika; because Arturo was a hybrid, he became the only being capable of making Sita pregnant while she was a vampire.

She also finds that Ray had not returned to her, that he was a phantom and was no longer real. Sita "kills" Ray at his request and turns back into a vampire by once again using Arturo's alchemist equipment and combining Yaksha's blood with the blood of Paula's baby Sita had stolen a vial of the baby's blood from the hospital.

Because of the combination, she is even more powerful than before, being more or less equal to Yaksha, but is still no match for Kalika. Sita, however, has been lying and does not bring Paula's child, telling Kalika that she has "come herself.

Kalika stops Sita effortlessly by breaking her leg and throws Seymour into the ocean. Shortly after this, she reveals that she is definitely the incantation of Kali, overwhelming her mother with her dark power. In her thrall, Sita unknowingly reveals the phone number which she asked Paula to call. In desperation, she asks Kalika who Paula's child really is.

In response, her daughter tells her that the "knowledge will cost her". Sita repeats her question, and Kalika shows her the cost, fashioning a wooden stake which she throws at Seymour, piercing him through. As Sita jumps into the water and pulls the dying Seymour to shore, telling him that she will save him by making him a vampire, Kalika leaves. However, by the time that Sita and Seymour are on land again, it becomes clear that he is beyond even her help. Believing he is a vampire due to the lack of pain he is experiencing, Seymour asks if he will live forever, and when Sita tells him out of pity that he will, he tells her he will love her for that long.

She replies, "Me too," and he dies in her arms. Sita takes Seymour's body to a funeral pyre to cremate him. Struck by a sudden and astonishing possibility, Sita uses the remaining blood from the messiah child on Seymour and he comes back to life.

Overcome with happiness, Sita does not tell Seymour of Kalika's actions but vows to stop her daughter from getting hold of Paula's baby. Sita's daughter, Kalika , has transformed into a blood-thirsty monster with power far beyond Sita's. It is Sita's task to track her down and destroy her, yet Sita still has trouble believing her daughter is totally evil. She still hopes to save Kalika, even if it means risking her own life — and perhaps the lives of everyone in the world. The story opens as Sita and the newly revived Seymour attend a seminar of an ancient Egyptian Seer named Suzama.

Sita knew her personally and is interested to know that, in her Seer's eye, Suzama predicted the birth of God in three mortal forms at exact times. Krishna and Jesus Christ were two of these incarnations. Sita learns from Dr. Donald Seter, the man who discovered Suzama's Scripture and the founder of the Suzama Society, that Christ has been born again as her friend Paula's new born son and Paula herself is actually Suzama reincarnated.

Unlike Ray, Paula begins to remember her previous life. Using her powerful powers of persuasion, Sita befriends Seter and his son James, authenticates the text, and discovers that Kalika wishes to kill the baby. She also learns that the Suzama Society was formed in order to protect the child. Mother and Daughter are reunited over the phone and through an apparent miscalculation on Kalika's part, Sita discovers where her daughter lives.

Sita goes with Dr. Seter, James, and the Suzama Society to Kalika's home. There all the Society member are brutally murdered by Kalika, despite their preparations and automatic weaponry. In the end, Sita is pushed off the balcony of the building and is grievously injured. She recovers fairly quickly, however, and by using clues in Suzama's scripture, eventually deciphers the location of Paula and her child.

Sita, James, Seymour, and Dr.

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Seter drive to that location to discover that Kalika has already arrived and taken the child. Armed with a shotgun, Sita pursues Kalika and corners her in a small house. James arrives shortly after. Too late, Sita realizes that he is really Ory, an old enemy from her past and an agent of the Setians, a malevolent race of reptilian aliens who are after Paula's child. Ory severely wounds both Sita and Kalika, and reveals that the Suzama Society—with the exception of Dr.

Seter—we all his disciples. He then escapes with the child. Mortally wounded, Kalika gives her blood to her mother in order to save her.

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As she lies there dying, Sita realizes at last that Kalika never meant to hurt the child, but was only trying to protect him. She also reveals that she killed Eric the young man from Phantom as an act of mercy since he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and would have suffered greatly had she not ended his life. For the first time in her life, Kalika explicitly tells her mother that she loves her, and then she dies.

Later, Sita arrives at the spot where Paula's son was conceived and experiences a cosmic event while remembering her last meeting with Suzama, in which she is irradiated with stellar energy and transformed into an ethereal being.

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Moments later, the Setians, who also exist in the same state as Sita arrive in their spaceship to take the baby back to their homeworld, where they will consume his holy powers. Sita possesses the body of Croka, the Setian commander and is able to use him to attack and incapacitate Ory long enough to her to save the baby. After doing so, she slits his throat and the Setians, knowing they have lost their chance, quickly flee. The book ends with Sita returning the baby to Paula alive and safe.

After the events of Evil Thirst in which Sita learns that there is more strangeness to the world than Vampires Sita now knows that Paula is the incarnation of her oldest friend, Suzama the great Egyptian Seer; Paula tells Sita that something is going to happen. Distraught, Sita asks if she will ever see Paula again, and she says no. Leaving Seymour and Paula behind, Sita begins delving deeper into the secrets of the group of powerful beings that stalk her. Along the way she confronts another of these creatures, only to find that their time is near at hand, brought about by a centuries-old mistake committed by none other than the last vampire herself — Sita.

After dispatching this foe, Sita is approached by a young woman claiming to be a friend who offers Sita the chance to set right what went wrong nearly a thousand years earlier. Using a revamped version of time travelling which projects her mind into herself years earlier, Sita embarks on a journey into the heart of darkness and confronts the necromancer, Landulf of Capula, the architect of this evil plot who not only deceived and used Sita's power for evil before wiping her mind of the event but also now has the power to upset the balance of life itself, tipping the scales in the favor of evil.

In this epic conclusion to the Last Vampire, Sita must confront her darkest fears and face an unthinkable choice: to go on as a creature of forever, or forsake her life and power for a destiny turned to ash five thousand years earlier. She, finally tired of her immortal existence like Yaksha before her, chooses to prevent vampires from ever coming into being by projecting her mind to when she was a child, and this time she kills Yaksha instead of sparing him; she lives out her life as a mortal, meaning that all of the previous books have in effect never happened.

Still, one evening Sita leaves her home, husband and child, and waits in the night for something she cannot name or even know. When it does not come, she resumes her life. Shortly after this, Krishna appears to Sita and her daughter Lalita and asks her if she is truly happy. Sita replies that she could not possibly be happier, and Krishna leaves her, never to see her again. The book ends as Seymour completes his work on his latest story. It is revealed that the events in all of the previous books had indeed still happened, but with a crucial difference: Seymour had connected to Alisa's mind during the time of her adventures and he had literally experienced everything that happened with her and used those memories as the basis for the books.

While in Seymour's books, Sita remained in the past and never became a vampire; in reality, she returned to the present day after defeating Landulf and went on with her life. She and Seymour would finally meet in person in Book 7.

Out of all the Pike books this series has to be one of his most complicated and dynamic, w As much as I wanted to hate this book because the series never seems to wrap up perfectly I loved this new Sita story. Out of all the Pike books this series has to be one of his most complicated and dynamic, which is completely due to the morally ambiguous nature of Sita. She is neither the perfect hero nor an evil villain that you can easily condemn.

It is that kind of dynamic character that I really appreciate in books. Not to mention the fact the she is the hero of her own story. She doesn't have to be saved by a stronger powerful man like every other female fronted book. Another surprising aspect of this book and the entire series in general is the integration of Hinduism and Krishna.

Thirst No. 5 : The Sacred Veil -

Normally any book that is heavily religious makes me want to vomit, but for some reason it doesn't bother me in this series. The supernatural elements and the integration of time travel are also rather amazing. The one aspect of the book that I really didn't like was the ending. This was supposed to be the last book in the series, a series that Pike already rebooted once before, and it ended with a completely open cliffhanger. I love a great series with wonderful characters, but everything has to and should come to an end.