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Four double tickets are drawn by NeuronUP. Your email address The email address that you use in NeuronUP. Following these three steps, you will have the chance to win a free double ticket for the movie. The deadline for participants will be 22 February at , Spain time. But she was the one I chose to be with, but that must not have mattered enough.

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She thought I loved her like a sister, more than a lover. When she explained that at the end, I suggested that wouldn't be such a bad thing, as I love my sisters more than life itself. I don't live with my sisters I live with you and your 5 children. We are close but we don't live in each others pockets. Anyway, you don't need to know all this. Thanks for your story. I just want to say you made me cry Thank you! I have too many questions to articulate in this setting.

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Reading your comment was unexpected and inspiring and random I feel so compelled to ask you, specifically, all the complicated questions I've been struggling to resolve for a while on my own. But I'm a perfectionist SO, at your convenience, I would love to continue the conversation through email. I too am an FP surrounded by a family of TJs. Through trudging and trying and lots of prayer and revelation, I have come to truly understand that I am not a failure or a sham no one ever told me that, I just KNEW it.

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Nope, I am an FP and my base values differed vastly from my family of origin. Thank you for "being like me," I feel less like an alien visitor to read your remarks. I too am a P who learned a lot of J. I don't think that's correct. Empathy is the ability to 'feel' what others are feeling, to 'put yourself in their shoes', so to speak.

Sympathy is simply feeling pity or sorrow for someone's situation. It's more distant but not visceral, as empathy may be. I would imagine counsellors would need to be empathetic for sure, at least it would certainly help. But there would need to be ways to protect themselves from going too far into empathy and remaining objective. Empathy is not just understanding, but being able to share or feel the feelings of the other person.

Sympathy is feeling pity for someone or understanding their feelings, but not necessarily feeling what they're going through. I cried uncontrollably at the funeral of a friend's brother. I explained that I was mostly crying for the pain that his mother, a woman I knew well and loved, was going through.

The Healer

My heart was aching for her. That is empathy, not sympathy. But then, I had to fight back tears of joy when a kid on the opposing team hit one out of the park and got a home run - how exciting that must have been for him! I didn't even know him! That's also empathy.

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  5. But I couldn't suppress the grin on my face and that got me strange looks from a couple of the kids on my own team, the one I was coaching! I would say that both sympathy and empathy go hand in hand because to understand you have to be able to feel it too? Wow, I've always felt people more than anything This is an interesting observation.. When I took a look at where I fell along the scale for thinking and feeling my score was almost dead center, with just a small fraction leaning in the 'feeling' side of things. I was told by a psychologist that the labels themselves do not reveal as much as where you fall along each scale of the spectrum and that you also have to consider how different situations can exercise or bring out different aspects of our personality.

    This is true. Actually, one common mistake with MBTI is that they define feeling-types as those who prefer emotions over logic. However, the term feeling means that we prioritize our values over logic. I really have always had a problem with the stereotype that INFPs are overly idealistic, illogical airy fairies.

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    That is a key factor to keep in mind: Feeling vs thinking does not talk about rationality or ability to think in a complex, analytical way. There are many INFPs that actually value intellectualism and rationality. So they might actually show up in fields like philosophy or research where they can write but about something they value.

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    Thank you so much, I've been wondering about this too! INFP's and F's for that matter "prioritize" emotions, human relationships, and morals. This is not "illogical" but highly logical due to the need for positive human relationships in this life and maybe the next. INTP's and T's for that matter "prioritize" logic, cause and effect, and principles. This is a great observation. I live in a deeply emotional and relational world, and I seek out facts and data and apply logic to them with a high degree of rigor and consistency because I find it is extremely helpful in revealing what the emotions I'm feeling or perceiving from others actually are.

    I'm constantly seeking for better ways to more accurately 'see clearly', if that makes sense, as seeing the accurate context surrounding emotions or reactions helps me tease out the nuances, and that's exciting to me. If I don't seek out facts and just really on my perceptions, then I am prone to building an entire understanding of things based on my assumptions, and that can lead to decisions and behaviors that aren't in alignment with who I want to be.

    I'd say it's a learned skill, but not especially difficult. The first time it really pays off because you asked someone to clarify something you thought you knew, and it turns out you were wrong and the follow up conversation helps you get better insight - well, you'll be hooked. I love that, I'm not going into the deep shit here but basically 'learn something from a different perspective, learn from your own mistakes, always admit and always be interested to learn for better understanding', its makes people better to just do that, I don't see anything wrong with admitting you're wrong, in my case as an honest stupid moment mostly, but sometimes as a selfish effed up moment I agree and disagree.

    The thing to remember is that the types are all on a spectrum. I personally test close to the midpoint between N and T which makes people perceive me as being very logical at times. And I do like facts, but I struggle when my logic and intuition are at odds. Personality is never clear cut and is ever evolving. The descriptions would help my coworkers understand me better.

    Yes I agree with you Lisa it's been very hard to someone express my feeling.

    I'm thinking about universe and society the creater I'm always been alone thinking and doing meditation Also, remember that there is a spectrum for each set of traits. For example, I utilize both my F and T function equally depending on the environment I will use one or the other more dominantly. It's not that we're illogical idealists, I think it's more like we rely on our gut feelings to head us in the right direction.

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    We are idealistic but we also hurt deeply because few ever meet our ideals, especially society as a whole. I keep saying we when I should say me or I. Just because someone feels something deeply or follows their gut doesn't mean we lack the ability to think logically or that we don't use logic. Hope that helps a few understand a little better.

    Hello, I've learned myself to be of infp brand.