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February 25, Maloney, Edward T. Fallbrook, California: Aero Publishers, Inc. March, Daniel J.

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London: Octopus Publishing Group Ltd. Moran, Gerard P. Morris, David. Musciano, Walter A. New York: E. O'Leary, Michael.

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Corsair: 30 Years of Filibustering — Pilots Manual for F4U Corsair. Appleton, Wisconsin: Aviation Publications, reprint. The firm traces its origins back to the pioneering designer Chance Vought. From its heritage as a manufacturer of innovative naval aircraft, Vought has evolved into a major aerospace subcontractor, supplying large, complex aerostructures for many commercial and military aircraft.

The Carlyle Group, a Washington, D. He designed his first complete plane the PLV in , only a couple of years after becoming a pilot himself. Vought landed jobs at Simplex Aircraft and, later, the Wright Company, where he was chief engineer of the legendary firm for a short time. With backing from sportsman Birdseye B. The VE-7 "Bluebird" trainer was the company's first product.

While serving on General Pershing's staff, Lewis died in a plane crash in France in The Lewis and Vought firm would survive the drop-off in demand that accompanied the end of the war. In the s, Vought pioneered the field of naval aviation. In , the O2U-1 Corsair entered production. It had been designed by Rex B. Beisel, who by then had already joined the staff at Curtiss. Chance Vought died from septicemia blood poisoning on July 25, , at the age of 40 aviation pioneer Glenn H. Curtis had passed away just two days earlier.

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Chance Vought F4U Corsair

His replacement as chief engineer was Rex Beisel, who rejoined the company in September United Aircraft and Transport was dissolved on September 26, Vought continued to make a small number of naval aircraft until the outbreak of World War II. The SB2U Vindicator, a light bomber, first flew in but was obsolescent by the start of the war in spite of its low-winged monoplane configuration. Two other designs were more successful. The OS2U Kingfisher began production in and excelled in its role as an observation aircraft.

The F4U Corsair would become one of the most respected fighters of the era and Vought's best-known aircraft. In , Rex Beisel had launched a design effort for a new fighter specification calling for use of a powerful 4, horsepower engine; when the F4U Corsair began flight tests it was the first American fighter to top mph. The famous gull-winged fighter was the plane that decisively bested the Japanese Zero as the two fought for domination of the Pacific skies. The Corsair was flown by Col. In a ten-year production run that ended in December , 12, Corsairs were made.

Towards the end of the war, Vought was developing the XF5U "Flying Pancake," a twin-engine flying wing designed to excel at low speed flight and carrier operations. In , the program was canceled by the Navy, which was by then emphasizing jet fighters.

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  • Vought developed one of the first naval jets, the F6U Pirate. Its successor, the revolutionary but troublesome F7U Cutlass, borrowed heavily from German jet technology. The move was initiated by the Navy, which did not want both of its main aircraft suppliers the other being Grumman located on the East Coast.

    Involving 1, employees and 50 million pounds of equipment, it was the largest industrial move to date, yet the production lines were barely disturbed. Chance Vought became an independent company again on July 1, This fighter, used by the navies of the United States and France, was unique in employing a variable-incidence wing to facilitate carrier landings. The U. Navy's first single-engine supersonic fighter, the F-8 remained in the fleet for 31 years. Antitrust suits failed to stop the merger with Vought, and the Ling-Temco-Vought Corporation was formed on August 31, , in a leveraged buyout.

    Fred Detweiler, who had become head of Vought after Rex Beisel stepped down in the early s, resigned in protest.

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