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Limited budgets only add to the challenge. How can existing on-premises solutions for identity management, device management, and information protection effectively address this modern world?

Instead, the control plane for all these services needs to move, over time, from your own datacenter to the cloud. Doing this gives you the control and protection your business requires without compromising the familiar mobile and desktop experiences that employees expect. This vision whitepaper explores how IT teams can:. Skip to main content.

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Breadcrumb Realdolmen Blog Become a connected company with these 10 principles. Become a connected company with these 10 principles. What is a connected company? How a non-connected company becomes connected: 10 principles to achieve success Looking back at our own experiences and with the ideas of experts like Dave Gray, author of The Connected Company in mind we have tried to determine what are the key success factors on becoming digital savvy and connected.

This platform will help you to lead the digital transformation and provides you with the agility to extend and adapt as you learn and grow. The future system is a network. Govern your platform following this network structure and involve all relevant groups and stakeholders in order to support. A connected company is a network that lives together with other networks. A connected company platform is comprehensive.

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Maximize the development time spent on building things that provide value to you and your customers. Choose technology that can provide all the necessary building blocks without having to loose time on lack of coherence and compatibility, while remaining open and using standards to be able to connect at any given time with any given peer. No service is built without any API. A connected architecture is portable. The architecture components are small and loosely coupled.

Be podular, to provide autonomy. And we tend to design companies the way we design machines: We need the company to perform a certain function, so we design and build it to perform that function.

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The machine view is very successful in a stable environment. If there is a steady, predictable demand for a standard, uniform product, then machines are very efficient and productive. In such conditions, a machine-like company can profit by producing uniform items in large lots.

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But over time, things change. The company grows beyond a certain point. New systems are needed. Customers want different products and services. So we redesign and rebuild the machine to serve the new functions.

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This kind of rebuilding goes by many names, including re-organization, reengineering, right-sizing, flattening and so on. The problem with this kind of thinking is that the nature of a machine is to remain static, while the nature of a company is to grow. This conflict causes all kinds of problems because you have to constantly redesign and rebuild the company while at the same time you are trying to operate it. Ironically, the process of improving efficiency is often very inefficient. And the faster things change the more of a problem this becomes.

Companies are not really machines, so much as complex, dynamic, growing systems. After all, companies are really just groups of people who have banded together to achieve some kind of purpose.

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But if the environment changes, a machine does not have a way to become aware of the change and adjust to the new situation. It just becomes obsolete.

Organisms, on the other hand, control themselves. An organism strives over time to realize its intentions in the world. As conditions in the environment change, an organism responds by adjusting its behavior and improving its performance over time. In other words, it learns.