Tax Savvy for Small Business: Year-Round Tax Strategies to Save You Money 9th Edition

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Posted by William Byrnes on August 23, National Underwriters published editions of Tax Facts books authored by William Byrnes and Robert Bloink of the graduate tax program. Both publications are now available as e-books, as an alternative or in combination with print. Posted by William Byrnes on June 24, Check out my Tax Facts series banners on the left and right column of my blog and for free shipping click below….

Similarly, taxes on capital gains, dividends, and estates were increased for the wealthiest taxpayers. Posted by William Byrnes on November 23, Generally, life insurance policies be withdrawn without income tax consequences. We have covered situations where a policy is surrendered with a loan outstanding , resulting in taxable income. In Frederick D. Todd II et ux. Commissioner T. Posted by William Byrnes on October 21, As an advisor, your clients look to you for competent advice in planning their charitable giving. It would be terrible to find out that the gift you thoughtful suggest cannot be deducted due to an avoidable paperwork mistake.

Although the IRS sometimes forgives these minor errors, others are unforgivable, as illustrated in recent IRS email advice. The IRS was not so forgiving with a taxpayer, who made what would otherwise qualify as a tax-deductible charitable gift. Posted by William Byrnes on August 8, Whether or not to give substantial lifetime gifts in and is going to be a hot topic between now and the end of Even your most tax savvy clients are going to need help deciding whether to take advantage of the new law. The problem is that the new law—which was put into place by the Tax Reform Act of —is scheduled to lapse on January 1, So is it worth taking the risk that Congress will radically change transfer tax laws for years post?

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Posted by William Byrnes on March 22, Producers and their companies can also license use of their logos and contact information directly on the cover of the guide for a marketing and client-management tool. Byrnes added. With respected resources available in print, on CD, and online, National Underwriter remains at the forefront of the evolving insurance industry, delivering the thorough and easy-to-use resources you rely on for success.

National Underwriter is a Summit Business Media company. Summit Business Media is the leading B2B media and information company serving the insurance, investment advisory, professional services and mining investment markets through a variety of channels, including print, online and live events. Summit provides breaking news and analysis, in-depth practice management strategies, business-building techniques and actionable data to the markets it serves.

Through its Media and Reference Divisions, Summit publishes 16 magazines, 20 websites and reference titles. Summit employs nearly employees in ten offices across the United States. For more information, please visit summitbusinessmedia. Posted by William Byrnes on March 7, Although supervising the cost of insurance embedded in life insurance premiums has historically been the domain of state insurance commissioners, the U. The premium increase was part of a plan by Conseco to reduce its long-term losses. Why is this Topic Important to Wealth Managers?

Discusses the new income reporting threshold for non-profit organizations.

Tax Savvy for Small Business: Year-Round Tax Strategies to Save You Money 9th Edition

Provides details on the new level of reporting required on Form for c organizations. Generally the Internal Revenue Code requires the filing of an annual return by exempt organizations. Further, the tax law provides that the Secretary of the Treasury, through the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service may relieve exempt organizations from the annual filing requirement if the Secretary determines that such filings are not necessary to the efficient administration of the internal revenue laws.

Read the full analysis and on similar issues — AdvisorFYI. Posted by William Byrnes on February 9, The grantor trust rules apply to both foreign and domestic trusts, but in different ways. Under the grantor trust rules, a US person who transfers property to a foreign trust is generally treated for income tax purposes as the owner of that portion of the trust attributable to the transferred property, even if the trust would not have been a grantor trust had it been domestic.

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This is the result for any tax year in which any portion of the foreign trust has a US beneficiary. To read this article excerpted above, please access AdvisorFYI. Posted by William Byrnes on February 7, Posted by William Byrnes on January 18, Written by the foremost experts in the field, Robert Bloink, Esq.

M and Professor William H. M, CWM.


Posted by William Byrnes on January 15, Posted by William Byrnes on January 14, That law also reduced the other regular income tax rates. The otherwise applicable regular income tax rates of 28 percent, 31 percent, 36 percent and Generally, a taxpayer determines his or her tax liability by applying the tax rate schedules or the tax tables to his or her taxable income.

Below are the new tax rate tables for those filing as single taxpayers, married filing jointly, as well as head of household. Posted by William Byrnes on December 27, As the end of the calendar and personal tax year approaches, Advanced Market Intelligence will focus on end-of-the-tax-year issues that every wealth manager may relay as helpful information to his and her clients.

But normally, the easiness of answering this question is a result of referring to an information pamphlet by a service provider or perhaps a newspaper article. Unfortunately, these public sources of information are not always accurate. Also, because they are trying to present very complex information in understandable terms, these types of sources gloss over finer, yet very important elements, that if known, would impact a decision.

Seldom does the wealth manager take the initiative to undertake his own initial research of the actual rules and how the rules may be applied. Advanced Market Intelligence has been committed to empowering the wealth manager with the necessary information to efficiently find the important rules and provide examples of how the rules are applied to various example scenarios.

Thus, let us first turn to the legislative rule applying to business expenses. Business expenses are one type of such expense Congress has established for a taxpayer to reduce his gross income. The Code section establishing the ability of a taxpayer to deduct a business expense is Section The first part of the first paragraph of Section reads:.

New Tax Rules for Small Businesses in Canada (2018)

There shall be allowed as a deduction all the ordinary and necessary expenses paid or incurred during the taxable year in carrying on any trade or business, including— …. Tax Facts How are business expenses reported for income tax purposes? Posted by William Byrnes on December 21, Please contact Associate Dean Prof. William Byrnes if you are interested in enrolling in this executive education course.

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Yesterday we presented an overview of the Obama Tax Cut provisions that are relevant to wealth managers. Today we begin by taking a closer look at some of the details of those provisions and how they relate to wealth managers and their clients. The extension will continue for an additional two years. To understand the impact of this provision of the new bill, it will serve the reader to understand what the regular and minimum tax rates in relation to qualified dividend income as well as capital gains means. Posted by William Byrnes on December 20, On Friday, President Obama signed into legislation, what is quickly becoming known as the Obama Tax Cuts, which extend tax breaks initially created by the George Bush Administration about a decade ago.

Posted by William Byrnes on November 17, Presents the general treatment of life insurance purchased through qualified pension plans.

The Tax-Savvy Expat Podcast

Suppose your client is the sole shareholder and president of a closely held corporation. The business generates significant positive income and cash-flow on a steady basis. Read the entire blogticle at AdvisorFYI. Posted by William Byrnes on October 5, Provides discussion on a number of common international tax concepts as they relate to U. In previous blog this week, it has been briefly discussed that there may be a number of reasons a client may consider offshore planning, generally.

Today we will focus on one major component of offshore considerations, the impact of world-wide income on U. It is generally accepted that U.

What are some rules that that Congress has attempted to avoid double taxation or subject foreign income to U. Check out the full blogticle at AdvisorFYI. Posted by William Byrnes on September 15, However, there is a lack of conclusive evidence, therefore, to determine that a decrease in capital gains tax rates will have the short or long term affect of increasing total GDP.

Yet, neither will an increase in the rate increase tax revenues. We invite you to read the study and analysis at AdvisorFYI. Posted by William Byrnes on September 11, In the face of opposition by the Obama administration to extending the Bush tax cuts, analysis recently released by the Congressional Budget Office CBO supports extending the breaks for another few years. Posted by William Byrnes on August 31, Why is this Topic Important to Financial Professionals? The only certainties in this life are death and taxes. A brief discussion of the history of taxation on the American people is discussed in relation to the new reporting requirements surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as discussed earlier this week.

Posted by William Byrnes on August 28, In addition, the tax consequences of this determination can be far reaching, and an understanding of the concepts of income and types of allowable deductions can help enable more comprehensive planning for the Financial professional and clients. Home About Me Articles C. William Byrnes Email Subscription Enter your email address to receive these original content articles hot-off-the-press.

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