Slow travel: sell the house, buy the yacht and sail away

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Pipe A easily allows the water through. A good cat, left, has a higher bridge deck clearance, with no protuberances interrupting the water flow. The wider beam between the hulls also contributes to uninhibited water flow between the hulls. Note the difference for the bad cat on the right. This is also one of the biggest reasons for them selling. This style is typical of many of the older generation of boats, and also some new ones where marketing types take over from the designers.

Why not too much beam? Have you ever observed the wake coming off the bows of a boat? The wave curves up and away at an angle about degrees back from the bow. If you measured diagonally outwards from the bow, you would see that the wave increases in height as it curves away from the bow. Keep this in mind. Now, imagine an older design catamaran with narrower hulls The waterline beam of each hull being narrow. The trade off? Several and all bad:.

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Why would anyone design a boat this way? The problem is that a bad design will always be a bad design and the cost will long be forgotten while the discomfort will linger…. These boats, typically only need to sail in a 50 mile circle. This may be the most important point of all.

It is difficult to maneuver in tight situations or when docking. This hull submersion also decreases the bridge deck clearance, which promotes hull slamming as well! Some dead giveaways. Not enough load carrying.

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Is the waterline at the water or below it at either end or entirely? Note, the waterlines on both sides are still well above water! A good cat! The boom has to be higher to give headroom.

One couple addicted to sailboat living, can’t imagine house

Much higher. Out of reach for tucking in the sail or handling tangled lines. It greatly raises the center of effort of the sail plan introducing increased jiggling motion, and compromising safety in heavier air. The helmsperson is out of touch with the cockpit. Beverages, food, conversation—all require participants to negotiate steps.

Helmsperson is not at deck level—not in a position to help with docking maneuvers—incomparable with short-handed couples sailing—a charter boat affectation. Helms-person in touch with the cockpit, and just a step away and at the same level of the deck. This deck level help promotes short handed sailing where the helmsman can step on deck to help with lines without stumbling up and down steps.

As a bonus—the crew from the galley or cockpit can pass up a drink!

Boat Survey & Sea Trial.. The Process Worth Every Penny! The Boat Life Sailing Adventure travel vlog

A serious cruisers choice. Whether you actually go offshore or not, you may meet bad weather conditions. Your comfort, enjoyment and safety, and ultimately resale value are dependent on proper design. Most of the criteria I have shown here, you can easily evaluate yourself. Good design really does make sense and you can see the telltale signs.

Look at the boat from the transom. Are the individual hulls narrow is the transom narrow? Is the bridge deck clearance low? Are the hulls too far apart? Or too close together? Despite the circumstances of his death, Rosanna says she would not discourage others from joining the superyachting world. I have three children, and working here pays for their education. Liz Brasler, 29, is chief mate, or second-in-command, of one of the yachts in the harbour.

Couple addicted to living aboard a yacht can't imagine house

She has worked her way up the ranks from deckhand since They want to go wherever, whenever, and demand the highest standards without delay. Money is not a problem for them. For most of her career, Brasler, who is South African, bunked with colleagues in small cabins; now she has a cabin of her own.

Has she ever woken up to find an A-list actor on board? It is a glamorous life.


Winch, who has designed yachts in a London studio since , created Madame Gu , the motor yacht of the year, and Phoenix 2 , owned by the late Polish billionaire Jan Kulczyk. The gym includes a pair of rowing machines and exercise bikes which can be carried up to the bow so the owner and his personal trainer can race each other in the sea breeze. Chairs and desks appear from discreet compartments; the walls contain an interactive blackboard and video screen. He has come from their offices in London to the Monaco show to draw attention to the deaths of young workers, highlighting the dangers of working in an industry that to outsiders appears the height of glamour. We want to work with them to make employment in this industry better. McGowan helped them take their case to court, to have the yacht impounded in Malta. Mallya, a co-owner of the Force India Formula One team, was arrested in London last year over allegations that he supported the team with laundered cash, and Indian authorities are currently seeking his extradition to face trial.

At the same time, knowing he had worked two shifts back to back, she is taking the opportunity to highlight the plight of some other superyacht crew, who she says are often forced to work long hours — conditions that might be illegal in the UK. He grew up sailing on Windermere. He was so excited, it was wonderful. There were two of us when we came to London. It is hard to capture without cliche. Likewise the pod of porpoise that turned up a couple of years ago.

My kayak floats alongside, for a paddle before work. Barbecues are ubiquitous on starry summer nights. This all sounds unbearably smug but there are niggles. What would I do if I met someone who hated the water? Or got seasick? There are more serious issues, too. But unlike bricks and mortar, she will not appreciate in value beyond that. So this is about an affordably high quality of life now rather than an investment that will grow. And that feeling of space outside? It was liberating.

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I have a beautiful little aft cabin, with a double bed, plenty of drawers and hanging closet. Up some steps is a wheelhouse, kept empty, just for the luxury of space. Down more steps into a relatively roomy living space, about 12ft wide at its beamiest. Not hugely practical, but the hatch above means I get to bathe under the stars and shower under the sun. Often, liveaboards will be converted barges, relatively flat bottomed for navigating canals and rivers. Many particularly in London have more square footage than a flat.

Some have swimming pools on deck. But, the bigger the boat, the more it costs to buy, berth, and of course, maintain. You can, of course, pay other people to do the work for you — many people do. But there are maintenance costs with character properties, too — those old Victorian windows can cost a fortune to fix up, I hear.

I cross the Thames daily, cycle up the towpath to work, and have seen it transform. All the signs are there — ironic graffiti, pop-up supper clubs, skateboarding adults. The air is heavy with the whiff of moustache wax.