Killer Take All

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With a little help from some well-armed friends, he's going to flush this phony out of Chugwater-and run his hired killers out of town on a rail. Live Free. Read Hard. Portrait William W. Visit his website at www. Being the all-around assistant, typist, researcher, and fact checker to one of the most popular western authors of all time, J. Johnstone learned from the master, Uncle William W. He began tutoring J.

After-school hours were often spent retyping manuscripts or researching his massive American Western History library as well as the more modern wars and conflicts. Bill taught me all he could about the art of storytelling. Johnstone you can be.

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Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Earlier this year, Netflix released a documentary about the serial killer Ted Bundy, who confessed to the murders of 30 people — but what do we lose when we discuss the criminal instead of the victims? Photo: Netlix.

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Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Best of The Cut. As usual, Rachel and Kiri digress and there's chat about real dolls, TV shows you should watch and elaborate nicknames. Kiri's cat also makes a move on Rachel. He seems keen too. Will there be a second date? This edition concerns Nannie Doss, a seemingly kindly looking lady with a penchant for husbands who she met through dating ads and poison. Her lack of remorse also earned her the moniker The Giggling Granny.

Not really. She was horrible. As usual Rachel and Kiri digress and chat about everything from school discos to agricultural practices. Hotel etiquette arises again Episode 55 looks at the utter rotter that is Carey Stayner. The Stayner family had their fair share of rotten luck and Carey took it to another level. Rachel and Kiri discuss his crimes and as usual everything else from cathedrals to hippies.

Kiri tells a cracking story about an ex and Rachel says too much as per about what she's been up to lately.

Killer Take All

There's also a heated debate about hotel check out. It's a big one.

Join comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard Mc-Lean as they explore a shared passion, serial killers, Each episode the pair will talk all things murder and macabre and have a right laugh doing it. This episode has a song that won't catch on and a whole load of dreadful crimes. Haigh could have been a brilliant man but chose to be a rotter.

Rachel and Kiri discuss Haigh but pizza, Brexit and dick make them digress. Suck it. Each episode the pair will discuss all things murder and macabre and have a right laugh doing it. Episode 53 takes us to Edinburgh, Scotland to explore Burke and Hare. Their crimes sound like a folktale but rest assured the grimness is all absolutely true.

As usual Rachel and Kiri digress from the main topic and this time you'll hear all about sexy dancing, Rachel's opinion on the greatest rock star of all time and Kiri introduces us to Nathan from Tripadvisor. He's worse than the murders.

Episode 52 is a bonus episode to celebrate All Killa No Filla's 4th birthday. They've gone with a request and he's not technically a serial killer but if you can't break the rules on your birthday then when can you? The subject is Ed Gein, a man who inspired a ton of horror films due to his dreadful crimes.

He's a crafter as well.

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There's chat about bad sex and Vince Vaughn too. Unconnected, obviously. Kiri's laugh features heavily and good we say! It's been the subject of some chat of late but it's here to stay. Vive la Laugh! Episode 51 concerns Peter Tobin who is a real rotter. An abusive partner and serial killer who is also suspected of being responsible for the unsolved Bible John murders. Rachel and Kiri discuss his horrific crimes but also find time to digress into chat about, among other things, randy dogs and sandpits.

Charles Manson (Damon Herriman)

Rachel also reveals she's banned from Twitter and loses her temper at an imaginary listener. Episode 50 takes us to Glasgow and the dreadful unsolved crimes of Bible John. All we know is he was a fan of the old religion and moaning at women trying to enjoy their evening in the Barrowland nightclub.