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I mean, it was only doing what squirrels do. I should back up. My name is Allie.

Puppy Love

She is. I love visiting her. Well, except for the doilies. They kind of freak me out. And the cats. I like dogs. In fact, I think dogs are just about the greatest things ever invented.

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I know, the rule is supposed to be that girls like cats and guys like dogs. Cats are okay. But dogs are something else. Dogs are like people, but better. I like people. You always know where you stand with a dog. Well, most of the dogs. Her and her owner. Not all the way back, like when I was born or anything, but right before what my friend Shan would call the Regrettable Incident with Rufus and the squirrel.

See, my mother has this business called Perfect Paws.

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She started it when I was little, so I grew up around dogs. When I was really small, my mom says I used to think I was a puppy. But this year I wanted to do something more. A few months ago, I heard one of our customers talking about how she was sending her two kids to theater camp during the day so that they had something to do all summer. Well, that got me thinking, and that night at dinner I suggested that we think about offering day care at Perfect Paws.

My parents thought it was a pretty good idea, and we decided to try it over the summer and see what happened. Best of all, my mother put me in charge of it. I really pushed the doggy day care idea to our customers, and the weekend before opening day we already had six sign-ups. I was kind of nervous because I wanted everything to go perfectly, and I tend to worry a little too much.

So I decided to take my dog, Rufus, to the park for a walk. That almost always calms me down. My father calls him a Labragrizzly because he looks like a Labrador retriever crossed with a grizzly bear. We rescued him from a shelter about five years ago. As soon as I saw him I knew he had to come home with us. Well, one of my two best friends. My best human friend is Shan, who I mentioned before.

Shan Chan. She says one good reason for her to get married is that she can get a new last name. With Shan you can never tell.


Shan and I have been friends almost as long as Rufus and I have. She was going to help me with the doggy day care, but then her parents decided she was going to spend the summer in San Francisco with her grandparents, and that changed everything. So anyway, Rufus and I went to the park.

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I love walking with him. And I was feeling better. Yes, I still wished Shan could be there to do it with me, but I knew I would be okay. Contrary to popular belief, big dogs are a lot easier to handle than small dogs. Mostly they just like to play a little fetch and take naps. But the little ones stay active all day long. I was thinking of games I could play with the dogs when the squirrel made its entrance.

But Rufus did. They make him crazy. And being a bear-dog, Rufus is really strong, so when he wants to run after something you have to be prepared for it, which I usually am. But for some reason my mind was somewhere else just then, so when the leash suddenly jerked me forward I ended up falling all over myself. When Rufus is chasing a squirrel, he uses his whole brain to focus on catching it. I yelled anyway, mainly so everyone watching me would think I was trying to do something to stop him.

It just kept running, with Rufus behind it and me behind Rufus. Rufus and the squirrel disappeared over the edge of the Dog Bowl.

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Light read, nothing special but it was still enjoyable. Brought out the kid in me, and the memories of first love, and summer. This book made me want to get a dog lol I only wish that Allie had gotten to really express how she liked Jack and let him know her feelings were there - she was just misunderstood. I do love that Jack liked her from the start View 2 comments.

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May 06, Emma rated it liked it. Pretty good. Nice pre-teen to teen romance story. The dogs sound very cute! The only problem is that this story doesn't really have a plot except for the boy, so stay away if you don't like that kind of stuff.