Atoms, Molecules and Optical Physics 1: Atoms and Spectroscopy

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This method could lead to a better understanding of low-temperature interactions for a broad range of molecules. Research Highlights 01 August Advanced search. Skip to main content. Search My Account Login. Atom RSS Feed Atomic and molecular physics Definition Atomic and molecular physics it the study of the properties, dynamics and interactions of the basic but not fundamental building blocks of matter. Related Subjects Atomic and molecular collision processes Atomic and molecular interactions with photons Attosecond science Electronic structure of atoms and molecules Exotic atoms and molecules Macromolecules and clusters Ultracold gases.

Latest Research and Reviews Research 23 September Quantum superposition of molecules beyond 25 kDa Matter-wave interference experiments demonstrate quantum superposition of molecules consisting of up to 2, atoms—the heaviest objects to show this quantum behaviour to date. Nature Physics , Research 23 September Femtosecond-resolved observation of the fragmentation of buckminsterfullerene following X-ray multiphoton ionization X-ray pump—probe experiments reveal that the molecular structure of C 60 molecules substantially delays their fragmentation following photoionization.

Research 16 September Kibble—Zurek universality in a strongly interacting Fermi superfluid The Kibble—Zurek mechanism, that is, the spontaneous formation of topological defects in a system crossing a continuous phase transition, is observed in a strongly interacting Fermi gas, where the underlying symmetry plays a crucial role.

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Nature Communications 10 , Research 09 September Supersolid symmetry breaking from compressional oscillations in a dipolar quantum gas L. Tanzi , S. Roccuzzo , E.


Lucioni , F. Fioretti , C. Gabbanini , G. Modugno , A. Stringari Nature , News and Comment News and Views 16 September Engaged in gauge theory Two independent cold-atom experiments have demonstrated the building blocks for the quantum simulation of dynamical gauge fields — an advance that holds promise for our understanding of computationally intractable problems in high-energy physics. Research Highlights 06 September A peculiar atom shakes up assumptions of nuclear structure Lopsided potassium isotope survives longer than predicted by theory.

Nature , News and Views 07 August A versatile cold-molecule collider Superconducting magnets have been used to trap cold oxygen molecules and study their collisions. Nature Research menu.

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