Advances in Catalysis, Vol. 32

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Advances in Catalysis, Volume 49

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Karl Anker Jorgensen "Organocatalysis - moving the catalysis of life from lab to industry"

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Advances Catalysis

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PaleoPublications - Promoting Learning and Knowledge! Items usually ship within 48 hours. Seller Inventory Published by AIChE Softbound, good plus or better condition. Published by Elsevier, New York About this Item: Elsevier, New York, Usual library markings. Clean and tightly bound. Seller Inventory B Burov, and A. Obolenskaya , Chemistry of wood and sinetic polymers: university course Saint-Petersburg, publishing house of Saint-Peterburg Wood Technical Academy , p.

Kim, Y. Lee, and T. Kim , A review on alkaline pretreatment technology for bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass , Bioresource Technology , vol.

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Frontiers | Recent Advances in Design of Gold-Based Catalysts for H2 Clean-Up Reactions | Chemistry

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